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  • More leads.
  • More profit.
  • Less stress.

Take the guess work out of advertising.

We’ll target the customers you want and sell them on the service you want to provide.

High-quality leads are the driving force behind every successful business. Even if you have the most revolutionary products or services, your business will struggle to be profitable unless you identify, nurture, and convert the right leads. 

Our advertising strategy is simple and effective. 

The agency we have built is specialized in applying modern advertising solutions for your business allowing us to create a customized plan that streamlines your client intake method and provides you with a proven and predictable system to increase your profitability for every hour worked.

Start taking the jobs you want, not the ones you have to. Check out the video below, made by one of our co-founders, to learn some of the strategies we use to let you generate more qualified leads and predictably increase your revenue!

Digital Advertising

Our focus is on developing high-performing, impactful digital marketing campaigns that combine engaging creative work with strategic planning to create cohesive social media marketing campaigns.

Because of our expertise, we can target your customers with extremely precise data sets, resulting in the highest ROI.

We monitor who is interacting, the cost per interaction or lead, and how to allocate your marketing budget to give you real results at the best possible price

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Website Development and Design

There’s no second chance to make an excellent first impression.  Your website will demonstrate your knowledge and position your company as the leading authority in your industry.

Take users to the finish line and grow your business with an effective experience. We build your website from scratch by conducting extensive keyword and competitor research.

  • Fast.
  • Responsive.
  • Functional.
  • Accessible.
  • Optimized.

We design it to drive conversions by tailoring it to work well on any device. It will load extremely fast and look stunning on all devices.

Testimonials and Reviews

Below you can find what some of our clients have to say about us


They have shed a huge light on the importance of using digital channels to interact with our customer base and collect data from them so we can better target and close on the jobs that we want. 

For the last 5 months, they continuously monitored and made improvements to their advertising strategy which has resulted in an additional $150,000.00 to my bottom line and there are no signs of slowing down. 

  • James Heffernan

“The team at Wilcia Management has been tremendous to work with. They have taken my HVAC business and treated it like their own. 

I have used their services for website creation. A/C installation and repair leads, Furnace install and repair leads, tankless hot water heater installation, along with kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovation work. 

Through all of that, they have never failed to return 10X the amount in revenue as I have given them for my marketing budget. 

I highly recommend them to any trades or construction business owner who needs help getting familiar with the digital side of their business. 

  • Darren Wilkinson


“Jake, Brendan, and Jack, along with the rest of the team at Wilcia have been one of, if not the only marketing or lead generation services I have seen or worked with that truly care about what my businesses goals are more than taking a pay cheque from me every month.

Before giving me a quote, they took the time to hear about the specifics of my business; such as what services I earn the most money in, how I attract new customers, how I track and organize my leads, and why marketing hasn’t provided me the results I anticipated in the past,  just to mention a few.

With their extreme attention to detail, I went from getting a couple of referrals every week (if I was lucky) to having 3-5 qualified leads appear in my inbox every day for the jobs I want and earn the most money in providing. These guys are legit and provide value and guidance for any contractor working in the trades and construction sector.  

  • Brendan Yong 


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