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Digital Advertising Services

Our focus is on developing high-performing, impactful digital marketing campaigns that combine engaging creative work with strategic planning to create cohesive social media marketing campaigns.

Because of our expertise, we can target your customers with extremely precise data sets, resulting in the highest ROI.

We monitor who is interacting, the cost per interaction or lead, and how to allocate your marketing budget to give you real results at the best possible price.

Our team has built out an extensive 5 step process to help you acheive these goals.

Step 1: Building The Foundations

The first step in building a high-performing advertisement starts with implementing proper foundations that are necessary to ensure its long-term sustainability and vitality. 

These include: creating a Facebook ad account and Meta Business profile, establishing privacy policies for digital channels such as Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc., installing software and pixels that will allow us to track analytic data about our campaign including how many leads came from each platform and the cost of each; lastly setting up client revenue tracking sheets so you know who talked with your company when they did so & their overall conversion rate!

Step 2: Building The Advertisement

The advertisement must be tailored for the correct target audience to produce qualified leads. To ensure the quality of the leads it’s important that we know who the ready-to-buy customers are, their similar interests or demographics, and why they might find value in the advertisements’ offer. 

The second stage of building your advertisement includes setting a daily budget so that we don’t spend over what was intended. We will be able to accurately predict how many new customers may come into contact with us depending on the amount spent on advertising expenses. Having this information will allow you as the business owner to predictably scale your business.

Step 3: Lead Management

Once the advertisement has been approved and launched, the leads will start auto-populating in a specific email inbox of your choosing. Additionally, you’ll be given access to CRM where the information of the inbound lead is automatically compiled for tracking. (Implement a Picture of a full inbox of leads and screenshot of CRM sheet)

Step 4: Optimizations

By using the data we have gathered from each client, we are able to reduce costs per lead and increase quality. This allows us not only to reach customers more efficiently but also to build a better relationship with them overall through targeted advertising. It is crucial that we receive as much information on the viability of each lead via the CRM sheet so we can make adjustments in real time and maximize the return for every dollar spent on ads.

Step 5: Scale

Once the cost per lead is established and the advertisement is consistently generating leads at a set cost per lead, we can accurately predict how many leads can be generated for every $1000 in ad spend. 

For example, a $25 cost per lead will generate 40 leads every month. With those forty leads, Wilcia will work with your company to optimize the booking ratio of the leads that are generated for your ideal service, thus increasing the number of appointments and sales opportunities month after month. This relies heavily on accurately tracking the number of follow-ups through the CRM, and tracking that data. 

With accurate tracking of the booking ratio, and maximizing the number of appointments, we can begin to track what the sales percentage is and how much revenue we will generate for every $1000 invested towards advertising.

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