About Wilcia Management

Wilcia Management is an advertising agency that specializes in helping business owners increase their profitability.

We understand that high-quality leads are the key to success, and our simple but effective advertising strategy is the perfect way to get them. 

Our team of experts will help you create a plan that streamlines your client intake process and provides you with a predictable system for increasing profits.

With Wilcia Management, you can focus on what you do best – running your business – and leave the advertising to us.

Meet the Wilcia Team

Advisory Board

Andrew Goodman

Marketing Strategy Advisor
Beginning his social media marketing career as a 19-year-old college student in 2008, Andrew was leveraging the Internet and social media to grow businesses before Facebook's paid ad platform had even taken shape. In 2013, he formed AGNC Media, Inc., a Philadelphia-based social creative agency specializing in helping small-and-medium-sized businesses shape their online presence, generate leads, and increase their bottom line. As of 2021 he has spent nearly $3,000,000USD in paid placements across Facebook's network for a mix of local, e-commerce, and professional service businesses, and has been an integral part of the growth of his clients in the dental field.

Marty Niles

Business Operations Advisor
In 2001, Marty founded Cantega after realizing there had to be technologies available to design and manufacture better fitting cover-up to prevent the prevalent issue of bird and animal caused power outages in substations. Greenjacket is the precise-fit engineered solution that he developed for substations. Carrying through with his passion, Marty knew that there were better solutions that could be carried through to prevent wildlife caused outages on the powerline and pressed for the formation of Reliaguard. As part of his building Cantega, Marty has been diligent in leading the protection of Cantega’s Intellectual Property. Cantega has 6 Canadian and 12 US patents registered and additional patents pending.

Management Team

Brendan Willey

Founder and President
Brendan achieved success in business early in his career after his first start up was pitched on season 10 of Dragons’ Den in 2015. After graduating he went onto work a digital marketing internship with Secret Entourage learning the in’s and outs of ecommerce, email marketing, and ad campaign management. Soon thereafter Brendan moved to Toronto and started his first social media marketing agency helping small businesses establish their digital branding. After attaining successful client results, Brendan transitioned into a senior marketing position with an indigenous construction company in Alberta. Managing the marketing and sales teams to align the lead generation and sales cycle/closing ratios to increase company revenue. In December 2019 Brendan and Jake founded Wilcia Management Inc. with the clear intention of utilizing digital advertising to generate targeted leads for companies most profitable services. Wilcia has since gone on to generate hundreds of qualified leads across several industries in North America - directly attributing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to their clients bottom line.

Jake Mercier

Founder and CEO
Jake, a marketing major from Nait started his career in business marketing at the age of 16 working for Yard art Landscaping. Being put in charge of the marketing efforts, he successfully increased the companies profits and client list through strategic planning and advertisement campaigns targeted to various specific profitable sectors. Taking a job at Brandt Tractor Edmonton to sell heavy machinery in the Construction & Forestry division allowed Jake to sell and coordinate many deals ranging from $1,000 to $2,000,000 to all the major development industries in Alberta. Working with a growing local business and a company that generates over $1,000,000,000 in annual revenue he knows what it takes to help you increase your profits and attract new customers.

Jack Koski

COO and Head of Web Development
Jack is the COO and Head of Website Creation at Wilcia Management Inc. He is a MacEwan University graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and a Minor in Property Management. Building his first computer at the age of 12, Jack has always had a strong footing in the tech and software worlds which he now translates into the creation, optimization, and management of cutting-edge customized websites. Prior to working in the computer sciences and software industry, he worked as a heavy machinery operator for many different industries including asphalt paving & landscaping giving him valuable insights and industry experience for each. Jack is a strong advocate for open-source software and is fluent in basic CSS, HTML, and python allowing him to navigate through any digital creation endeavor. Jack is an integral part of the Wilcia team, working with our clients to achieve their goals no matter how difficult the task.

Content Production Team

Austin Welch

Content Production

Noah Welch

Content Production

The Wilcia content management team is led by creative experts Austin and Noah Welch. The twin brothers have been delivering innovative content for 6 years. Their journey started when they founded and promoted their personal clothing brand, Lepathy. This was the twins first successful business venture. Despite the success of Lepathy, the duo realized their true passion is creating meaningful content that leaves a lasting impression on its viewer. Starting their photography career with exotic cars they then specialized in equipment and servicing photography. They are elite photographers and have been refining their photography skills every step of the way. Austin and Noah will provide your business the focal point of branding it needs to gain the creative edge over competitors.

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